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What is Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is a style of photography in which the subject is captured in an intimate setting,
such as a bedroom, lounge room, or bathroom. The focus of these sensual photos is usually on the subject’s face, body,
and/or lingerie.
Boudoir photography has become quite popular recently. And why not; it is the best way
to celebrate the female body sensually and artistically. Many women see boudoir photography
as a way to feel empowered and beautiful, and to express their sexuality in a safe and serene
Professional boudoir photography is usually done by specialist photographers who has
spent years honing this craft. However, Sultry Boudoir loves for our clients to practice posing for “sexy photos” at home in an effort to enhance self loveeeee.

Reasons To Reward Yourself with A Luscious Boudoir Photoshoot

  •  You will become more confident.
  • You will learn to love your body.
  • It is a celebration of womanhood.
  • Boudoir photography strengthens love.
  •  It is empowering.

A Boudoir photoshoot is a great gift for your soul. It removes the shackles of self/body doubt and sets you
free. So, are you ready to celebrate your femininity in the highest?
Before you begin, here are a few tips to keep in mind before your shoot:


How To Perfectly Prepare for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

1. Focus on comfort when selecting a Boudoir photographer
Make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer before the shoot. This will help you feel
relaxed and more expressive in front of the camera.

2. Communicate your vision
Before the finalize other details, discuss your boudoir shoot ideas with the photographer. This
will help them understand your expectations and capture the photos you’re hoping for.

3. Bring your props
If you have any props that you want to use in the shoot, bring them along. Boudoir shoot props
could include things like lingerie, jewelry, or even a favorite pair of heels.

4. Stay hydrated
Proper hydration is essential for that natural glow that breathes life into your photos. Moreover,
it may sound counter-productive, but drinking lots of water before your sexy Boudoir photoshoot
can help you debloat, by flushing excess Water and Sodium out of the system.

5. Stretch Your Body

A professional boudoir photography session involves a bit of physical activity. Therefore, you
should stretch your entire body, pre-workout style. It will ensure that you are ready to perfectly
exude your sexiness, even in the most demanding of poses.

That’s it. Please check out the Gallery to view sultry boudoir photography. Ready for your
boudoir photography session in Atlanta and beyond? Contact me now to set up your

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